TS Indefatigable, Anglesey 20 years later, in the sixties, absolutely nothing far appears to have altered

TS Indefatigable, Anglesey 20 years later, in the sixties, absolutely nothing far appears to have altered

Albert Spavins from the T.S. Indefatigable Mcdougal are a kid within Indefatigable whether or not it are a land-mainly based camp in the Wales through the World war ii. A mass caning is explained.

TS Wellesley More on these, off a different sort of witness of the same several months. Caning are “through with simply pants with the, underpants was basically got rid of”. Absconders was in fact usually caned.

Lydney Weeks Studies Motorboat Exmouth regarding 1940s. Temporary mention of the societal canings along side exposed backside. If the genuine, this will was in fact up against the guidelines.

HMS Conway Life on board great britain degree ship HMS Conway, which had been limited to youngsters proposing in order to become Seller Navy officers. Numerous references to help you corporal discipline, both formal and you can, appear to usual, unofficial.

A number of Naval Community, Phrases, Way of life and you may Superstitions Breeding of an excellent booklet manufactured in the newest 1920s from the a regal Navy Master. Pick not as much as “Brand new Posts out-of Conflict” for various sources so you can flogging or any other punishments.

Very early Reputation for Shaftesbury Belongings & Arethusa An excellent naval training boat getting homeless people, inaugurated for the 1866

Akbar Studies Motorboat Another boys’ studies boat, however, this option is a drifting reformatory, moored off Liverpool, while the world of numerous scandals over the years. Specific records so you can caning and you may birching inside really-explored post from the known regional historian Joan Rimmer.

Lights out, No Talking: The brand new Los Angeles CA escort twitter Punishment Guide Chapter sixteen away from an enthusiastic autobiographical book from the life to the an effective naval knowledge motorboat to have guys about 1930s, with lots of caning (known as “cuts”).

Wellesley: Ken Wright Intricate memory of an old inmate at that naval knowledge watercraft into the north-east The united kingdomt regarding the 1950s

Tough abuse on water in early times of the fresh Royal Navy and you may USN A not really 100% specific “History Part” section from the Coeur d’Alene Push out-of Idaho.

Trace of the pet [PDF] Turn-to webpage 18 of the 1987 issue of a great United states Navy journal to have an article outlining floggings to the cat-o’-nine-tails, just before CP to have sailors try abolished throughout the middle-nineteenth millennium. The method appears to have started very similar as in british Navy.

Flogging throughout the Navy A web page assembled from the You Navy Agency Collection, for instance the text message regarding an 1840s paper A good Plea during the Like out-of Keeping Flogging regarding Navy, in addition to the history of the behavior around the abolition during the 1862, a couple contemporary drawings, and an excellent bibliography.

Richard Henry Dana, Jr: Advocate off Public Justice Men whom campaigned facing flogging within the the usa Navy about 1840s.

Naval Discipline — Flogging Offending modern meanings, with example, regarding flogging in the 19th-100 years United states Navy. A page out-of a discipline publication is also shown.

Scapegoat of your own Uk Empire? Papers into Southern area African Armed forces Records People regarding good 1903 scandal in which younger United kingdom army officials was illicitly punished by flogging. Come across and such Feb 1903 development points.

Man Troops Acting Defectively Memory of your own Duke off York’s army college or university inside the Dover (look for following the activities) in the 1950s. In theory precisely the Commandant you are going to honor authoritative CP, which was administered from the Regimental Sergeant-Biggest, to your whose office wall structure are a rack out-of canes. Half dozen shots received to possess running aside, plus one ones punishments was discussed less than “The nice Stay away from”. The culprit was required to pull their shirt from their shorts and you will happened flexing over a massive pine dining table, what is happening seen by the medical administrator. Reduced officially, since the revealed not as much as “A darker Front”, there is one housemaster exactly who carried out nightly caning training in his private household, and something professor whom caned an entire rugby group to possess dropping a casino game.